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Signs of the Times Reception

Thursday October 16th: 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

Signs of the Times - an exhibition by Brownstein Group - celebrates Philadelphia’s past and how it inspires us today.

It's about crafting new beautiful things on the foundation that’s been laid down for us — a painting, a sign, a lyric, even a starting line-up. Signs of the Times is about looking forward while we celebrate how we got here.

The exhibition reception will feature digital spray paint by Incredible Machines and live screen printing of free, limited edition prints, tees, and totes by Awesome Dudes. Get one and give back a little. Brownstein Group will be collecting donations which will go towards art supplies for local Philly schools.

Exhibition on view from October 9 through October 19. Hours: Monday through Saturday, from 10am–6pm, and Sunday from 12pm–5pm.

This event is featured on designfeed, the official blog of the DesignPhiladelphia Festival. Read more here.