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Service Design Camp (FULL)

Friday October 17th: 1:00PM - 5:00PM
Ticket Price: $10


Come learn, play and chat around all-things services. Service design is the activity of planning meaningful services for people, keeping in mind the user, experience, materials, infrastructure and communication.

If you are in the business of selling services (think education, healthcare, law, technology) or experiences (think retail, products, hospitality, transportation); if you love design and are curious about design thinking; and if you are curious to learn and share new ways of improving the experience of our city, our neighborhoods, and our commerce – then this event is for you!

This won’t be structured like a typical conference- in fact, it is structured as an “un-conference”! This means that you, the attendee-not a featured keynote speaker-get to lead the conversation, facilitate a workshop or share ideas around a topic of your choice relating to the design of services and experiences. This also means that you get to sit in on topics of your peers’ choosing. It’s fun, it’s crowd-sourced, and you will leave inspired!

Tips + guidelines for leading a session at our Service Design Camp can be found here. Food + refreshments provided courtesy of The Hub.

Photo credit: Chris Kendig

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