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My Schedule

Lunchtime Demo of Philadelphia Game Lab's Immersive Showcase at City Hall

Thursday October 16th: 11:00AM - 2:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

The City's Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy proudly presents Philadelphia Game Lab's latest immersive projects.

Third Eye is Philadelphia Game Lab's virtual reality, biofeedback meditation game. Take control of your senses as you navigate through a distorted astral garden landscape with floating islands and waterfalls. The player wears a stereoscopic head-mounted display (Oculus Rift) and biosensors that measure pulse and breathing rate.

Void Ripper is a space flight game controlled by the Microsoft Kinect. The player takes control of a space pirate starfighter in an asteroid field by making steering wheel gestures with open hands.

SONIC is an open source (permissive MIT) toolset for creation of audio gameplay. Its formation is a response to increasing activity in the creation of compelling audio-only games, and a desire on our part to provide a base upon which developers in this area may be empowered to reach the next steps of creative exploration.

Lunchtime Demo hours: 11:00am-2pm

Reception and Demo: 5-7pm