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Closing Celebration: Lairs of Self in Everyday Life

Friday October 17th: 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Ticket Price: $10 - $25

DesignPhiladelphia proudly presents, Lairs of Self, the closing program for the Festival's 10th anniversary. Designers Sean Martorana and Dejha Ti have created an immersive installation - an imaginative integration of projection mapping, filmed design experiments, and interactive elements. 360 degree video projections wrap onto the colossal walls of the 5,000 square foot Crane Arts' Icebox, and appear precisely on a 12 foot, one ton sculpture made of Dupont™ Corian®. (It's not just for counter tops anymore!)

In this multidisciplinary exhibition, a team of 20+ designers, animators, video mappers, programmers, industrial designers, fabricators, musicians and a dancer elegantly converge to create a singular experience. Custom-designed, interactive kiosks allow you to become part of the installation.

Interacting via mobile devices, you can directly influence immense projections and simultaneously share your contributions on Twitter. The massive sculpture and Icebox walls display intricately mapped projections of designs and animations reflecting copywriter Adam Teterus' words. The sensory experience is completed by music produced by internationally renowned musician Tim Motzer.

Enjoy sweet delicacies from FRIEDA. Cash bar.

See behind-the-scenes of this ambitious project here.


Art direction, design and video by Dejha Ti + Sean Martorana; Words by Adam Teterus; Interactive development by Jarvus Innovations; Music score by Tim Motzer; Sculpture design by Dejha Ti + Sean Martorana; Sculpture materials and fabrication by DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surfaces and C.H. Briggs Company; Mapping and video systems by BRDG Studios and Dejha Ti; Projectors by Advanced Staging, Crane Arts + BRDG Studios; Additional fabrication by NextFab; sponsorship support by Weblinc; Edibles by FRIEDA; 2D + 3D Animation by Joe Seifert + Kipp Jarden.