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Hexamer Redux

Sunday October 12th: 11:00AM - 5:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

Interrogate the legacy of deindustrialization. Kensington was teeming with factories in the 19th century: those buildings are now demolished, vacant or transformed.

With "Hexamer Redux," artist Maria Möller delves into the present by way of the industrial past, using the Hexamer General Surveys - conducted in the 1800s to assess the risk of fire at Philadelphia factories - as a guide to the risks and possibilities the sites hold today.

Through a series of community-engaged investigations, new versions of the historical surveys have been created, sparking discussion and imagining the future of this complicated neighborhood by re-envisioning its past.

Join the artist in the vacant lots that were once the Providence Dye Works to view these new documents and participate in the creation of a “re-survey”.