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DesignPOP - Book Launch

Wednesday October 15th: 6:00PM - 8:00PM
Ticket Price: Free; registration required.

Join Lisa S. Roberts, author of Antiques of the Future, as she presents a brief introduction to her new book DesignPOP, a cleverly photographed and beautifully created book that highlights game-changing product designs since the year 2000. Stay for a screening of an episode of her 2011 TV docu-drama “My Design Life,” featuring DesignPOP. Afterwards, join Lisa Roberts for a book signing in The Museum Store.

DesignPOP is an unusual book among its genre. Housed in a neon pink-padded vinyl cover, it entertains with pithy product descriptions and engages the eye with original and humorously narrative photography. With approachable text, it appeals to a broad audience, not just the “in-the-know” design crowd. The book presents eighty-two innovative products that have pushed the boundaries of our expectations. Whether they pioneer the use of a new material or production process, take sustainability to the next level of design, or innovate in technology and functionality—each product is important in its own right.

This witty yet insightful overview highlights why a design is good and why we should pay attention to it. What makes it stand out from its competition? How does it introduce a new idea; and ultimately, can it improve our lives? Whether it is a bladeless fan by James Dyson, the iPhone from Apple or the design for a pill bottle for Target, DesignPOP demonstrates how remarkable designs are popping up everywhere in our lives.

Free but advanced registration is required by emailing

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