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Behind the Walls: An Insider’s Perspective

Wednesday October 15th: 5:30PM - 6:00PM
Ticket Price: Free

Strip away the walls and discover the skeletal structures supporting Philly’s most famous and beloved buildings. Hear the stories of the engineers who have climbed into the nose of the William Penn statue atop City Hall and crawled around the attics of the Academy of Music.

This non-traditional audio tour will examine the structural challenges associated with preserving the character of City Hall, The Union League, University of the Arts Terra Building, the Academy of Music, and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Join the storytellers themselves, the structural engineers of Keast and Hood Co., as we take to the sidewalk traveling to each landmark on the half mile, half hour tour down Broad Street.

Smartphone + headphones are required. Behind the Walls is available as a self-guided tour anytime beginning October 9. Download the podcast at